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BART public transit system

We facilitated a number of workshops to help police officers listen to the needs of the community and explore alternatives to policing. This came in response to the world-wide protesting of systemic racism after George Floyd was killed and the words, “I can’t breath” became a collective call to action. As a response to these valuable listening sessions, BART amended the 2021 budget to change the transit agency’s law enforcement model, emphasizing social services instead of officers with guns.

Oakland Unified School District and the Black Organizing Project, The George Floyd Resolution
In this historic call to remove cops from schools, backed by the Oakland Unified school board, we co-designed a multi-year process with youth, parents, OUSD staff, and mental health workers. Our goals in this long-term project are to design school-based alternatives to police-responses, shift job descriptions of school safety officers, and provide antiracism training.

California Endowment

This brave work is a commitment to shifting from power hoarding to power sharing. Our experienced facilitators will bring together program officers and trusted community partners to create new strategies together. As a result, one billion dollars will be invested differently over the next 10 years to be sure folx most directly impacted by systems have a voice in how they are shaped.


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